4 Solid Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Should Be Mobile-Friendly

Smart devices have made a serious impact in how people view the Internet. In fact, a large portion of people havenít opened a phone book in the past several years. When I need a phone number for a local business, I Google it. Because smart technology has evolved into what it is today, itís vastly important that your business becomes mobile-friendly. Without having a website that is capable of adjusting to smaller screen resolutions, you could be inadvertently hurting your business. When you create a mobile-friendly website, youíre welcoming all users of the Internet. If users cannot use the site on their smartphones or tablets, you could be alienating those who are looking to spend money with your business. Although there are many reasons why you should consider a responsive design, there are several that are supported by solid facts. Following are some of the best reasons to have a mobile-friendly website.

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