WebHostingPad.com Launches Customer Rewards Program

WebHostingPad.com, a leading provider in reliable,
WebHostingPad.com, a leading provider in reliable, affordable web hosting services, has recently launched their new customer rewards program. This program, called "Pad Points," provides customers with points for just about everything they do in their account manager with WebHostingPad, from paying invoices to ordering new products, and more.
"We wanted to show customers that we appreciate their loyalty by more than just saying 'hey, we appreciate your loyalty,'" said Alex Rowley, WebHostingPad.com's Marketing Director. "We thought, what better way than to give them opportunities to earn cash back. Our Pad Points program gives customers the opportunity to earn reward points for just about every interaction they have in our system. Even something as simple as logging in earns points."
The points that customers earn can be redeemed for account credit which can be used toward new purchases or account renewals. There is no maximum amount of account credit a customer can earn, and credits can be redeemed at any time. 100 Pad Points earns a customer $5.00 in account credit and can be used for any new service or service renewal.
For more information on WebHostingPad.com services you can visit their website or call their toll free sales line at 877-998-4678.

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