Which Web Hosting Plan is Best for your Business?

by- behinger
When you’re trying to select the best web hosting plan for your business, you may be overwhelmed by the options between various companies and a plentitude of features. Once you understand the differences in hosting plans, you can take a better look at what your company could benefit from the most.
Your website is really important to the success of your business so treating it as equally important as your business’s brand image or address is the best way to look at this aspect of your success. Choosing a great web host will be the difference between your website running smoothly vs. having it run slowly or with several spouts of downtime throughout the month. Here is a look at how to choose the best web hosting plan for your business and what the differences entail.
Start doing your research
The best place to start is to do your research on the right web hosting plan. You’ll evaluate your business’s needs by answering a few questions. First, ask yourself if you’ll need to host multiple domains and if you plan to have an e-commerce section for sales. Then, consider what your traffic volume will be and where your customers are. Consider a host that offers all major hosting plans just in case you have to change your hosting later since it’s easier to stay with the same provider.
Your main options
You’ll have to start by looking at the major hosting plans which consists of three major options. You can choose a major plan and work with a sub-plan in some cases, but benefits and features will vary from one host to another. The first major option would be shared web hosting for a more affordable route, with dedicated web hosting following offering huge perks for a price, and then VPS hosting is perfect for those that want something in the middle of the two.
Shared Web Hosting
Shared Business HostingShared hosting is a popular choice because of its affordability and basic access for companies. Smaller and mid-sized companies often choose it to save money in the budget. You’ll have plenty of diskspace and bandwidth for your smaller company that is looking to generate an average amount of traffic.
The drawback to this basic option is that many other websites will be using the same server so it can mean that you’ll have some interference when it comes to performance or other issues. You could have restrictions on your traffic volume, database support, and software support, but you’ll be saving a great deal of money.
Dedicated Web Hosting
Dedicated Business HostingDedicated web hosting is for those that want the premium option to ensure no possible issues with their site’s performance or the user experience. It’s very expensive since you aren’t sharing a server with other websites that share the cost.
You’ll love having as much traffic as you want every day and having enhanced security for your online store. Downtimes won’t occur with traffic spikes and you can customize the software programs or operating systems on the server. It’s perfect for larger websites with high traffic volume.
VPS Web Hosting
VPS Business HostingVPS hosting falls in the middle being a virtual private server that has multiple websites sharing a server while resources are divided in a fix proportion. Increased traffic won’t hurt your site’s performance and it’s more affordable than a dedicated option. You’ll notice it’s more stable and safer compared to shared plans, plus, it can handle a large volume.
Take your web hosting plan selection seriously as it affects your company’s website and ultimately, your sales. Use these tips to make the right choice and to know what to look for in your selection.


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